Velothon Sunshine Coast

12 Week Training Program - 1 & 3-day Velothon

Train Smart = Maximum Froth:

What does it take to ride and complete the Velothon. What are the demands of a single and multi-day events? What skills and fitness levels will you need to be able to line up on the start line and challenge yourself to be the very best you can be and complete the course?

The FTP Training Velothon training plans and packages are not just regular text written programs to follow. Each program has been developed using the training methodologies that we have used to help athletes from club riders just starting out to World Tour athletes tackling the Giro to achieve their personal bests and reach their goals.

Each program has been developed specifically for the event and to accommodate varying time availability for the athlete. Each program comes with all the vital knowledge and skills advice each rider will need to complete the 152km or 90km 1-Day Velo or each day of the 361km of riding with 5340m of climbing in the 3-day event.

The program is delivered via Today’s Plan the leading cloud-based prescription and analytics platform as used by Team SKY. Each program comes with a 3-month premium subscription where you will not only see your training for each day, but, be able to upload data into the platform and analyse your performance and fitness gains. Each week you will be able to access content videos and downloadable information packs. You will have the ability to join the monthly webinars where you will learn from the best coaches in Australia and you will be able to ask questions about your training and preparation for the event.

If you really want to line up and be the very best you can be then sign up and get started on the journey to becoming fitter, faster and stronger than you ever thought possible.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to achieve your own personal best? Do you want to beat your mates and get bragging rights? Sign up now and take your training and fitness to the next level.



  • Guaranteed to increase your performance
  • Simple process & structure for you to follow
  • Coaching from leading Road coaches

Leading Coaching

  • 12 week Training Program – tailored to your availability (6, 9, 12 hours) and the demands of the Velothon Sunshine Coast race
  • Each week of training, you’ll receive further tips, checklists, and advice on all things that’ll improve your race experience
  • Videos & weekly motivation from Head Frother, Mark Fenner
  • Leading up to the event you’ll also receive further advice on nailing your Velothon race


  1. 12 weeks before the event you begin your training. i.e.  your training program will be loaded in your Today’s Plan account prior to the 30th April 2018.
  2. Upon purchasing, you’ll receive a questionnaire so we can tailor your training program based on 6, 9, or 12 hours per week training load.
  3. Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll be given extra content on top of your training program covering nutrition, bike setup, race tips, technical skills, and so much more!! This also includes 3 webinars held throughout the 12 week program.


3 and 1 day road cycling event on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Starting from the Velo Clubhouse on the Mooloolaba beachfront, experience managed roads, king of the mountain and sprint stages, all combined with a perfect riding climate and sublime scenery.

Training for the 2018 Velothon Sunshine Coast event has already begun.

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2018 12 week program has started...

If you’re still after training for Velothon, the 12 week program has already started. However, consider a customised 1:1 training program to bring you up to speed for the event.



What if I have little time to train?
At the Bronze & Silver package level, we can write you a program for a 6 hour, 9 hour, or 12 hour per week training availability. For most working athletes we don’t generally recommend training for any more than this – remember, we’re all about training smarter, not longer! Upon buying a Silver  program, you’ll be emailed a questionnaire so we can customise our Velothon training program to you using Today’s Plan software.
What if I want more coach contact?
If you want more than the time offered of coach offered in the top level, speak to your coach after purchasing & we can offer an addition upgrade package to add more contact hours so you have someone to ask more questions, provide more support & motivation to get the Port to Port results you want. Otherwise, for a full custom solution & varied levels of coach contact, check out our 1:1 coaching options.
What is the difference between the Silver and the Bronze Plan?

The silver level upgrade has all the added value of the Bronze plan, but, takes things to the next level in terms coach contact. The Silver plan option comes with personalised interactions with a FTP Training coach. If you’re really looking to step up and understand more about what your capable of as a rider, get to the bottom of what the numbers mean in terms of power or heart rate, then this is the right choice for you.

Still unsure which level to buy?
We recommend buying the Silver package to begin with. It gives you 40 minutes of coach contact + a tailored training program that’s developed depending on your training availability (days of the week + hours – 6,9,12 hours in the week) If you have any further questions. Please use the contact form to the right or below this text & we can contact you about your needs & any questions you have.

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