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12 Week Training Program - Port to Port MTB

Train Smart = Maximum Froth:

A multi-day stage race needs more than just a good level of fitness. With each day a different mix of punishing climbs, wicked long descents on both fire roads and single track with the need to backup fresh each day means your training needs to prepare you specificity for these demands.

This 12 week training program is designed to cover exactly that. Used by winners and grinners of the MOTION MTB TEAM (old name: TORQ MTB Team) and masters riders alike to beat PB’s, our training programs are based on a winning formula and is tailored specifically for each individuals availability, skill and current fitness level. This is NOT AN ‘OFF THE SHELF PLAN’.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to achieve your own personal best? Do you want to beat your mates and get bragging rights? Sign up now and take your training and fitness to the next level.



  • Guaranteed to increase your performance
  • Simple process & structure for you to follow
  • Coaching from leading MTB coaches

Leading Coaching

  • 12 week Training Program – tailored to your availability (6, 9, 12 hours) and the demands of the Port to Port MTB race
  • Each week of training, you’ll receive further tips, checklists, and advice on all things that’ll improve your P2P experience
  • Videos & weekly motivation from Head Frother, Mark Fenner
  • Leading up to the event you’ll also receive further advice on nailing your Port to Port MTB race


12 weeks before the event you begin your training…
Included Plan: you’ll be emailed your training program on the 2nd March 2019.
Bronze Plan: you’ll have access to your plan in the HUB prior to the 2nd March 2019.
Silver Plan: your training program will be loaded in your Today’s Plan account prior to the 2nd March 2019, with access to it around 1-2 weeks prior.


Depending on your level, you may receive a questionnaire so we can tailor your training program based on 6, 9, or 12 hours per week training load. If your level doesn’t include customisations, you’ll skip this step (e.g. the ‘Included Plan’).

Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll be given extra content on top of your training program covering nutrition, bike setup, race tips, technical skills, and so much more!!



Port to Port MTB is an annual four day MTB stage race which takes place from May 23-26, 2019. Designed to be fun and challenging for riders of all levels, from recreational to competitive.  Riders are treated to the iconic local scenery of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter Valley.

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Training has begun!!

For coaching, please check out our 1:1 coaching options

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What if I have little time to train?
At the Bronze & Silver package level, we can write you a program for a 6 hour, 9 hour, or 12 hour per week training availability. For most working athletes we don’t generally recommend training for any more than this – remember, we’re all about training smarter, not longer! Upon buying a Silver Port to Port program, you’ll be emailed a questionnaire so we can customise our Port to Port training program to you using Today’s Plan software.
What if I want more coach contact?
If you want more than the time offered of coach offered in the top level, speak to your coach after purchasing & we can offer an addition upgrade package to add more contact hours so you have someone to ask more questions, provide more support & motivation to get the Port to Port results you want. Otherwise, for a full custom solution & varied levels of coach contact, check out our 1:1 coaching options.
Why should I upgrade to the Bronze Plan?

There is a huge amount of difference between the included in the entry plan and the $79-dollar upgrade plan. Head coach of FTP Training Mark “Fenz” Fenner wrote all the plans for the Port to Port, but, specifically tailored the workouts in the Bronze level plan for the actual specific demands of the event. Fenz wrote the upgraded Bronze plan to allow for different time availability’s of either 6, 9 or 12 hours.

Each Bronze plan comes with media/video content specific to the Port to Port that was filmed with many of the FTP Training coached riders and Port to Port winners, like Peta Mullens, Mark Tupalski and Chris Hamilton. Each week’s media covers a huge amount of training related information like strength and conditioning, stretching, nutrition, MTB skills, race tactics, mental skills, bike set up all specific to the Port to Port. Fenz who has also raced the Port to Port covers course analysis and pacing strategies for each stage.

As well as all this you are also able to login to the monthly webinars with an FTP Training coach to cover more training related information to help you be the best you can come race day and answer questions and provide any help they can.

What is the difference between the Silver and the Bronze Plan?

The silver level upgrade has all the added value of the Bronze plan, but, takes things to the next level in terms of the way in which the program is delivered (Today’s Plan online training platform) The Silver plan option comes with personalised interactions with a FTP Training coach. If you’re really looking to step up and understand more about what your capable of as a rider, get to the bottom of what the numbers mean in terms of power or heart rate, then this is the right choice for you.

Still unsure which level to buy?
We recommend buying the Silver package to begin with. It gives you 40 minutes of coach contact + a tailored training program that’s developed depending on your training availability (days of the week + hours – 6,9,12 hours in the week) If you have any further questions. Please use the contact form to the right or below this text & we can contact you about your needs & any questions you have.

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The 12-week training program was well worth the price of admission (entering Port to Port before the cut off time) not just for setting useful targeted workouts but also for the extra content provided in videos on various topics from nutrition to mindset and even about how to train when you are under the weather. I will definitely consider upsizing to the monthly coaching plans with FTP Training for next year based on this years’ experience. Neil Diamond

I really loved this training program it really made me get quicker and work harder. And to be honest I didn’t even realise till I raced that I was getting quicker. Thanks guys I would highly recommend and use you guys again Bradley Jackson

The P2P FTP training program was the perfect program for the weekend warrior to hit some early training targets and keep motivated in a regular training pattern in preparation for the event. Highly recommended. Clare Lorenzen

Awesome program and the information was extremely helpful. I will be using FTP again and again made my experience of the Port to Port that much better. Kent Bestwick

Fantastic enthusiasm from ftp. Enabled me to approach my objectives with clarity and confidence. Kerry Bassett

The last time I followed an FTP program in 2010 I had my best results I’ve ever had. After a long layoff I set myself the goal of getting back into racing by doing the Port to Port. Although my race fitness was a long way off my best I felt the 12-week program was really effective to restore some of my old fitness. Like a lot of us, I’m time poor and the FTP program was a very efficient way to build the best fitness possible in the shortest time. David Bourke

Some of our top MTB riders

Mark Tupalski

(Cape to Cape & Port to Port Winner)

Jenny Fay

(Cape to Cape & Port to Port Winner)

Peta Mullens

(stage winner – Cape to Cape)

Josh Carlson

(stage winner – Cape to Cape)

Chris Hamilton

(Port to Port Winner)

Paul Morgan

(2016 Super Masters Port to Port Winner)

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