Cape to Cape MTB Race

12 Week Training Program - Cape to Cape MTB


A multi-day stage race needs more than just a good level of fitness. With each day a different mix of punishing climbs, wicked long descents on both fire roads and single track with the need to backup fresh each day means your training needs to prepare you specificity for these demands.

This 12 week training program is designed to cover exactly that. Used by winners and grinners of the TORQ MTB team and masters riders alike to beat PB’s, our training programs are based on a winning formula and is tailored specifically for each individuals availability, skill and current fitness level. This is NOT AN ‘OFF THE SHELF PLAN’.


  • Results
  • Guaranteed Increase in performance
  • Structured training process to follow
  • Simple process & structure for you to follow
  • Coaching from leading MTB coaches
  • 12 week Training Program – tailored to your availability (6, 9, 12 hours) and the demands of the Cape to Cape MTB race
  • Each week of training, you’ll receive further tips, checklists, and advice on all things that’ll improve your C2C experience
  • Videos & weekly motivation from Head Frother, Mark Fenner & other experts
  • Leading up to the event you’ll also receive further advice on nailing your Cape to Cape MTB race


  1. 12 weeks before the event you begin your training. You receive your training program the weekend before hand so you’re all prepared for the coming week.
  2. After purchasing, you’ll receive a questionnaire so we can tailor your training program based on 6, 9, or 12 hours per week training load
  3. Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll be given extra content on top of your training program covering nutrition, bike setup, race tips, technical skills, and so much more!!

About Cape to Cape MTB

Each year our course team for The Cape to Cape MTB aim to make the four stages around a total of 220km in length, with the various stages ranging from 40-70km.

While the course is designed to challenge the top elite riders, the course is really set to suit riders of all levels of mountain biking ability. Whether you are picking up a mountain bike for the first time or have raced all over the world, the Cape to Cape MTB course will put a smile on your face!

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The 12 week training program has begun for 2019. Look at our 1:1 coaching options to get a customised training program for this event.

2020 Training Programs

Training for the 2019 Cape to Cape is already underway. To get training for this event, we suggest looking at our 1:1 Coaching options:



Promo code?
We’re back again as the preferred training partner for Cape to Cape, and are offering a $79 discount as part of your event registration.

Your Promo code is provided in the materials after your event registration.

NOTE: The code is CASE SPECIFIC. Let us know if you have any questions or issues in applying your code.

What if I have little time to train?
At each package level, we can write you a program for a 6 hour, 9 hour, or 12 hour per week training availability. For most working athletes we don’t generally recommend training for any more than this – remember, we’re all about training smarter, not longer! After buying a Cape to Cape program, you’ll be emailed a questionnaire (for Bronze+ riders and above) so we can tailor a Cape to Cape training program to you.  
What if I want more coach contact?
For more coaching – check out our monthly coaching  if you want Data analysis, further tweaking of your training program as you go, regular coaching contact & weekly feedback & more.   Alternatively, if you want more than the 4*20mins of coach offered in the top level, speak to your coach after purchasing & we can offer an addition upgrade package to add more hours so you have someone to ask more questions, provide more support & motivation to get the Cape to Cape results you want.
Still unsure which level to buy?
We recommend buying the Silver package to begin with. It gives you 2 coaching calls + a tailored training program that’s developed depending on your training availability (days of the week + hours – 6,9, 12 hours in the week). It also comes with a Today’s Plan Account.   If you have any further questions, please use the contact form to the right or below this text.

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Some of our top MTB riders

Paul Morgan

3 Frothers

Peta Mullens

(stage winner – Cape to Cape)

Tasman Nankervis

(Cape to Cape Winner 2016)

Mark Tupalski

(Cape to Cape & Port to Port Winner)

Jenny Fay

(Cape to Cape & Port to Port Winner)

Josh Carlson

(stage winner – Cape to Cape)

Chris Hamilton

(Port to Port Winner)

Paul Morgan

(2016 Super Masters Port to Port Winner)

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