Torq Race Pack

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The TORQ Nutrition Race pack is designed to give the perfect combination of energy drink, energy bars and gels for long endurance event or short stage races. This is based upon the use of 1 bar, 1 gel and the energy drink to provide up to 90g of carbohydrate per hour. With TORQ’s unique Fructose and Maltodextrin combination the body can process more overall carbohydrates per hour and thus improve performance. All TORQ products are WADA approved and tested and contain no artificial colours or preservative. TORQ is the very best nutritional product on the market and it is why FTP Training recommend and use if with our clients.

1 x 500g Energy (flavour of your choice)
6 Bars (mixed pack)
6 Gels (mixed pack)

Available for Australia delivery only.

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