Gold Training Program

$459.00 (inc. tax)






– Daily Training Plan – Your training program is 100% for you. Depending on your availability, we design a training program that’s flexible with your needs & goals.

– Power Profile Test – Threshold and power profile tests are used to determine an athlete’s strengths & weaknesses from their anaerobic to aerobic strengths. Tests are conducted when the coach feels they are necessary to set new parameters to train to.

– Threshold/Power Profile Zones

– Today’s Plan Analytics Account $17/mth in value. Developed by Head Coach Mark Fenner as a Co-Founder, Today’s Plan shows your training calendar, your cycling data, & communicate with your coach.

– Access to the HUB – $49.95/mth in value! The FTP Training HUB includes heaps of extra value content. From setting up your bike, stretching, nutrition, mental skills, & so much more!!

– Training Plan Changes – Weekly: How often you can change/ modify your program from when your coach set’s it.

– Coaching Calls – Weekly: Coaching calls to discuss how you’re going, any questions you have, insights from your coach & anything else you want to discuss. We have some areas we generally touch on, but this catchup can cover whatever you want. Via phone call or Skype – whatever’s easiest.

– Coach Qns – Weekly: Via Today’s Plan – you’re able to send a message to your coach via the ‘messages’ feature.

– Data Review & Feedback – Weekly: How often your coach looks at your data files on Today’s Plan & provides feedback, where to improve, what to change etc.

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