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Compression garments are designed to help you on numerous levels during and post exercise.

They help boost your performances, delay fatigue during your effort, helps prevent muscle tears and injuries and maximizes your recovery time between sessions.

During Exercise

MOTION ACTIVE is used primarily to help enhance your performance and avoid muscle tears.

Compression also provides an acceleration of the venous return from the feet to the heart. This considerably reduces the buildup of toxins in the legs especially whilst exercising for long periods. Muscles therefore benefit from improved oxygenation and recovery during effort. Which will ensure longer high impact training sessions, less fatigue and quicker recovery time ensuring better adaptation from your training.

The MOTION ACTIVE Compression Garment is a medically graded Fabric fiber Yarn 15-20mmhg it is designed to reduce shock waves and vibrations that are generated when cycling or running, thereby helping to prevent tearing in the muscle fibers which can create pain. This gives rise to efficiency against aches, contractures, micro tears & can help in the delay of muscle fatigue and the risk of injury whilst exercising.


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